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Business Development / Account Manager

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SEEKING: Crypto enthusiasts to join the world-class Bancor Team!

Are you familiar with all the latest projects, products in crypto and Web3?
Do you want a critical role and to be at the center of things?
Are you passionate about sharing product feedback, guidance, and ideas to projects?

We want YOU!
Bancor is looking for an excited crypto enthusiast who can lead Bancor's project management and ecosystem of developers and partners.

What will you do?
Lead biz dev and operations with different crypto projects and developers, manage their activities as part of our annual strategy, and support teams via account management. This role is responsible for keeping us updated with the strongest, most innovative dev teams in the ecosystem, and loves to track new products in the field.

What skills do you need?
– Super-organized and execution oriented, you know how to take initiative and get things done.
– Knowledgeable and passionate about crypto and Web3.
– Strong communications and interpersonal skills. You are friendly 🙂 People like you.

Email your CV to [email protected]
Subject: “Search no more!”

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