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Director of Product Management

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BloxStaking is an open-source, fully non-custodial staking platform for Ethereum 2.0. The platform serves as an easy and accessible way to stake Ether and earn rewards on Eth2, while ensuring participants retain complete control over their private keys. Our goal at BloxStaking is to simplify staking while ensuring Ethereum stays fair and decentralized.

As the Director of Product Management at BloxStaking you will be the focal point for our product and roadmap ahead and lead our talented product team. As a young and agile company in a fast-paced industry, you’ll be exposed to many new ideas, demands and changes in the industry. Since the space we’re in is in its early stages, there is no right or wrong, we’ll have to find the answers ourselves. More importantly, since our product is unique, and no one else is building a solution quite like it, every step you take will be in uncharted territories.

We believe in creating an environment that fosters innovation, independence and responsibility while keeping the bleeding edge tech we’re building at the forefront. We encourage autonomy, self-reliance and out of the box thinking.

Why Director of Product Management at BloxStaking?

Take part in shaping the future of the company and the crypto market
Work on a technical product in the forefront of the dynamic and ever-changing crypto space.
Build the first-of-its-kind product where no other company in the world is currently building
Make a big impact as a senior management team member
Work with super professional (and awesome) people in a great working environment

If You Are

A People’s person with excellent leadership and personal skills
Self-motivated with an entrepreneurial mindset and ‘can-do’ approach
Creative with out of the box thinking and problem-solving skills
Thriving in a fast-paced, start-up environment
Excited by new technologies and different types of ‘target audiences’

You Will

Lead the product and design team and serve as a mentor, leading your team members and peers to success
Plan and define the product roadmap and strategy to meet the company’s business objectives
Develop product roadmaps through data analysis, competitor research, and user insights
Drive features through their lifecycle, from ideation to launch with end-to-end ownership
Own conversion optimization, write great product specs and create excellent UI/UX wireframes
Collaborate with R&D, designers, content, marketing, success and other stakeholders to drive supreme results
Prioritize product needs and requirements of multiple stakeholders.
Know your users! Conduct research, collect feedback and turn insights into work plans.
Track and analyze the key product KPIs and take actions to drive improved performance.
Get Things done! Ship Amazing Products. Do whatever-it-takes to make the product super-successful

Proven leadership and mentorship skills
At least 3 years of managerial experience
5+ years of experience as a product manager with a track record in shipping great 2C/2B products to market.
Entrepreneurial mindset with proven experience in turning vision into detailed roadmaps that deliver business value
Proven experience with Web product management, preferably in the cryptocurrency space
Experience in writing detailed product requirements to R&D and design teams
Ability to manage a complete product life-cycle, from conception to release
Passion for UX and deep understanding of UI principles and knowledge in working with mockups and wireframing tools
Experience with data driven decision making and strong familiarity with analytical tools such as google analytics
Fluent in English, both written and spoken


Bachelor's degree in Business, Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science or related field
Strong software developments experience and background
Cryptocurrency background – Big advantage!

Apply here: [email protected]

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